Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Critique of 'Should EVERYTHING be bigger in Texas?' - from "My Eyes Upon Texas Government"

Hi Beth. I appreciate your feedback on my critique of the Texas Judiciary system. I am glad that you brought up the need for constitutional revision in your own review. This is also connected to the problems with the judicial branch, and a topic of interest to me as well.
I agree that the attempts at piecemeal revision - using amendments to add or delete items - have not been potent enough to remedy our current constitutions many flaws. Because it was written as a reaction to the abuses of power by the Davis administration, I think it went to the other end of the extreme and crippled our government from functioning efficiently.
As you mentioned, what is really needed is comprehensive revision - a total overhaul, i.e a new constitution. But yes, this seems to be a frustratingly impossible solution for our legislators to accomplish. To add to your list of Texas colloquialisms, there is the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" But to me this seems to be the case of "We know it's broke, but won't fix it!"
It's amazing to me that we are one of the largest states in the country, with an exploding population and increasing urbanization, and yet our government hobbles along relying on an old-fashioned 'mortar and pestle' type constitution that is completely disorganized, even with overlapping sections.
I think its going to take more public awareness and outcry to get things moving on this issue. Honestly, before this class I had no idea that our constitution had so many problems, or the effects it had on our government's ability to function.
We as the up and coming generation to power need to increase this awareness among our peers. In this way, I believe we could shake things up and make a difference in our government.

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KSeago said...

Once again, a very good, very thoughtful post. The state is really hobbled by its government, and it's easy to despair at the lack of concern, or acceptance of the situation.